Ghost Tour

Explore haunted mansions, hotels, asylums
and cemeteries!

Who is the Lady in Red?
Where is the Ghost Ship of Bathurst Bay?
Where did the Headless Monk lose his head?
Prepare for a wild trip through the weird world of the undead!


  • GPS mapping automatically locates and displays haunted places near you
  • Hundreds of photos of haunted places
  • Read and share comments, reviews and experiences about each location
  • Community - driven content means there's always somewhere new to explore
  • Upload your own haunted locations with descriptions and photos
  • Contribute to someone else's locations with your own photos and comments
  • Store a private log of your own haunted places
  • Browse in list format, map or satellite view
  • "What's New" feature shows most recent entries and updates
  • Automatic updates when new locations are added
  • 1-5 star ratings for each location
  • Explore for fun, or use for scouting film locations and photo shoots

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